To Wayan, thank you for your service & hospitality. The property is amazing. We enjoyed our wedding and stay here. Looking forward to returning to Bali in the future.

Jack & Jas (Wedding) - India, June 2024

Thank you for the hospitality & awesome service! To Wayan & team, we will miss all of you (especially the delicious mushroom sauce & chicken quesadillas). Nice place with a scenic view & we had many beautiful memories & family time here.

Jerry & Family - Singapore, June 2024

Best service. Lovely villa. Thanks for everything! We love Bali!

Sussi Song - China, April 2024

We, Sanjay, Toni, Johanna & Ivi have had a very lovely stay here... Service is excellent, all the staffs are all very kind, especially Pak Wayan. He is simply the best! - as Tina Turner once said :-) ... and we couldn't agree more with her.. Pool, the view, our rooms are all magnificent! Love it!!!

Johana & friends - Indonesia, Singapore & Malaysia, April 2024

Blessed to spend time with amazing friends & make memories in this beautiful home. Wishing this home health & prosperity - Imran, Chicago; What an incredible property in such a beautiful country. So grateful to be a part of it - Casey W, California

Imran K. & friends - USA, January 2024

Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful estate and celebrate our New Year's Eve here. Everything was absolutely gorgeous and the staff were all amazing. We're so happy to return to Villa Karang Kembar 3 and would definitely come back here when we all come to Uluwatu again. Success always to you and your Villa team, we really appreciate it! Much love from Jakarta & Melbourne.

Hana & friends - Jakarta & Melbourne, January 2024

Best service. Associates & Pak Wayan are very helpful & doing extra mileage. The owner is helpful as well. Thank you so much.

Daniel K. - USA, December 2023

Stay di Villa Karang Kembar nyaman dan pemandangannya bagus

Ryan & Friends - Indonesia, October 2023

Thanks for making our special wedding day so memorable. Means the world to us!

Chris & Catherine (Wedding) - Indonesia/Malaysia, October 2023

Thank you for the hospitality during our stay at Villa Karang Kembar 3

Suryo & Fam - Indonesia, October 2023

Thank you Pak Wayan, Bu Vivien and the rest of Karang Kembar 3 team for letting us stay and have our wedding in your beautiful villa.

Arif & Qori (Wedding) - Indonesia, September 2023

Very good rooms. Best stay experience. The pool is great. It’s worth staying in the villa.

Chen Lie - China, September 2023

Thank you for the warm hospitality and wonderful services. We really enjoyed our stay & our wedding here in Karang Kembar 3

Nadira & Adam (Wedding) - Indonesia / The Netherlands, September 2023

Our stay here for one week has been magical!! It was a week here to celebrate my 60th birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better place to celebrate my birthday. The staff decorated the place beautifully and the seafood BBQ was superb. Everyday we had great food and the staff treated us well. A big thank you to Wayan, Rai, Arta, Sri and Wati. We will definitely back to this oasis of peace.

Thiagarajah Family - Malaysia, August 2023

Thank you for the great hospitality and once again for all the staff. Good place to make beautiful memory.

Agustinus L. - Indonesia, August 2023

A beautiful time spent. Thank you to all the staff for looking after us. We are so appreciative.

Grant H. - , August 2023

Thank you for a lovely & wonderful memory!!

Cass & Josh (Wedding) - , August 2023

Great villa, great food! Thank you.

Z. Sukcharoen - , August 2023

Dear Kembar Family. Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality and kindness. May God bless each of you always! We are especially grateful to Wayan for going out of his way to get our wallet.

Pastor Family - , July 2023

We had so much fun at the villa, but the best part of the experience was the deliciously prepared breakfast, lunch & dinner. We're so grateful to the whole team for preparing so many fantastic things (don't miss the spring rolls - yum!). Everything was phenomenal, we cannot wait to come back!!

Paula, Juan, Rangana, Nick, Dhruv & Sanjana - , July 2023

Thanks to the great staff!

PT IS - Indonesia, July 2023

Thanking you all the staff. What a beautiful villa + great staff. Hope to see you again.

The Thompson Family - Australia, July 2023

We love you. It's been a hell of a journey! The staff are amazeballs. Next time dance with us xoxo

Rachelle - Malaysia, June 2023

Thank you!! :-) Cuco meong!! Great view. Great Service.

Sylvia E. - Indonesia, June 2023

I relaxed big time here. It's a great place plus the people who are working, they were honest, nice and always ready to help. Thank you all and it was nice to meet you all.

Lina, Abdullah, Muhamad & Talah - USA, June 2023

Thank you for an amazing time. Love.

Myriam & Lamya - , June 2023

Terima kasih. Pelayanan yang memuaskan. Villa yang cocok untuk keluarga.

Tasya - Indonesia, April 2023

Kurre sumangga lako Villa Karang Kembar 3

Andy S & Family - Indonesia, April 2023

Beautiful stay with family & friends. Staff is lovely and accommodating. Thank you!

Ollie & Whitney - Australia, April 2023

Nice villa. Nice staff. Nice food. Best for you guys!!! Love you.

L Gana - Indonesia, January 2023

Thanks a lot for all! It was nice!

Maxim & Friends - Germany, January 2023

Thanks a lot!

Saleh & Family - Saudi Arabia, January 2023

Thank you for taking care of us #LYNHEN

Lynelle & Friends - Singapore, January 2023

Terima kasih. Selamat Tahun Baru 2023.

Mastura & Family - Malaysia, January 2023

Nice villa. Great support staff. Very nicely maintained. Overall great experience. Will definitely recommend to my friends. Thank you.

Sandeep & Friends - India, December 2022

Super thanks to the staffs here! We had so much fun during our time staying here. And love the food that cooked by the staff. Yummy.

Yu Family - Hong Kong, December 2022

Thank you for an amazing hospitality, it was such a great experience to hold our wedding ceremony & reception. The services also great and beyond our expectations. Definitely come back to Villa Karang Kembar 3 in our next visit in Bali.

Kevin & Mellynda - Indonesia, December 2022

A HUGE thank you to the wonderful people who looked after us while we stayed. We had an incredible time. We are VERY thankful. We can't wait to come back. Thank you!!!

Kyle, Micky & Maddy - Australia, November 2022

BIG thank you to the staff here! We have had an awesome experience! xoxoxo

KT, Emily, Kay, MK, Zel & Bel - Singapore, November 2022

A wonderful, relaxing stay. Wayan & the team have been fantastic; nothing was too much trouble, even accommodating the small children's need too. We are already planning our return visit!

Berger & Friends - Singapore, October 2022

To the team at Villa Karang Kembar #3, thank you for the wonderful stay. The views and the villa are amazing!!!

The Luu Family - Australia, October 2022

Dear Villa Karang Kembar Team, thank you for an amazing holiday and for taking care of us so well. This will forever be a home for us, away from home! We can not wait to come back!

The Walti Family (long stay) - , October 2022

Thank you for the warm hospitality and service throughout our stay.

Tansil Family - Indonesia, October 2022

Thank you so much for the pleasant hospitality. We had wonderful wedding.

Winnie & Chris (Wedding) - Indonesia/Japan, September 2022

Thank you!! :-) Cuco meong!! Great view. Great service.

CK - Indonesia, May 2022

Singapore crew had the BEST time!! Exactly what we needed after 2+ years on our other little island. Villa is amazing, service is excellent, will all be back!!! Bali & Karang Kembar 3, WE LOVE U

Tika, Bharat, Mili, John, Jaison, Maya, Alex & Pat - Singapore, April 2022


Sungkono - Jakarta, April 2022

Terima kasih untuk semua staff Villa. Amat sangat ramah dan masakannya super mantul. Service dan masakannya goood!!!

Dina, Eva & Family - Indonesia, Frankfurt, March 2022

Dear Pak Wayan, Pak Putu, Pak Arta, Bu Sri, Bu Wati, Terima kasih untuk satu bulan yang menyenangkan. Staff selalu membantu dan melayani dengan baik. Waktu dan tempat yang tidak mungkin kami lupakan. 23 Januari 2021

Ady, Dewi, Bima & Mahesa - Jakarta, December 2020

We are living in this villa for one month. All perfect, staff, view and holiday. Thanks Owner!!!

I. Solohonkov - Russia, November 2020

Makasih banyak terutama untuk semua staff & Chef di Villa Karang Kembar 3. Pelayanan yang sangat ramah & baik. Masakan enak.... Suasana villa yang nyaman & bersih. OK banget deh... pengalaman yang tak terlupakan!!! Moga lain waktu bisa kembali lagi :-)

Ivan B. & friends - Semarang, November 2020

We, A. Malik and family are so happy and delightful on how the facilities and service in this villa. We are planning and hoping to come back to this villa next time and spend for a spin again with our lovely family. Kami sangat amat puas dan sangat berterima-kasih atas service yang sudah diberikan. Insyaallah kami pasti kembali lain hari. Sampai jumpa!!!

A. Malik & Family - Indonesia, October 2020

Thanks staff and this place for a great weekend. It was really a wonderful time. From Russia with love.

Shah & friends - Malaysia, March 2020

Brilliant Villa! Wonderful views and very kind staff! Love u!

Varian R - China, January 2020

Thank you for an amazing vacation. We will miss the incredible staff, weather, food and Bali love! See you again!

Ryan L & Amanda R - USA, January 2020

Thank you very much for unbeliavable impression. Everything is fine, staff is good. Hope to see you soon.

Ivan C. - Russia, January 2020

We cannot thank you enough for your kind hospitality during our stay. We had the most amazing stay with friends and family. The most loving food, thank you to the Chef, Christmas lunch was delicious. It's really hard to leave such a beautiful villa. Wayan, you're a legend and thanks for putting up with us, especially Lloyd! Take care & hope to see you again.

Donna, Lloyd, Jack, Julie, Terry & Alex - Australia, December 2019

Thanks for the hospitality! We were having our wedding event here and things wouldn't be so smooth without everyone and everything here from Villa Karang Kembar 3. The staffs, the amazing views, the flexibility of Pak Wayan, the privacy, the weather, the appliances in the villa and most importantly the feeling that we are very close to the nature - the sea. We will definitely come back again!

Kiat, Novi & Family (Wedding) - Indonesia / Malaysia, October 2019

A very amazing stay, wonderful staff and a beautiful view. I am leaving my heart behind and there is a longing to come back again some day.

Tanu B. - Singapore, October 2019

Dear fantastic crew/staff. Wow! Thank you so much. We had and amazing and fantastic stay at this wonderful place. You are such a motivated and attentive crew, always an eye for all the details. A special thank to Rai, the food's amazing! Thank you so much for your great hospitality and warmth you shared with our family. Much looking forward to our next stay at your magic place.

Nadine & Schoscho - Switzerland, October 2019

We had such a fabulous time at the Villa, the staff made us feel comfortable for everything. They were ready to serve us with everything. Always curious to learn our dishes. Always smiling and worked to perfection. The villa's location is also very scenic. The rooms and sit out were very comfortable. Wayan, throughout our stay of 5 days has been very cooperative and supportive. The entire team was very supportive.

M. Ratti - India, September 2019

Fantastic time. Wonderful staff. Superb food. We are leaving feeling very well look after. The view is just awesome. Wayan & his staff are very helpful & accommodating. Very pleased and happy with everything. Thank you.

Holloway/Witterberg - Singapore, September 2019

We have enjoyed every moment spent here. Accommodation, staff service, stunning views, friendly staff and fantastic and well presented meals, more than we had anticipated. BIG THANK YOU.

Ria F. - South Africa, August 2019

What an amazing place, view, staff extremely friendly and attentive, loved the pool, FOOD AMAZING. Many thanks.

R & L Keeny - South Africa, August 2019

We came here for the wedding of our daughter, next door at the Villa Latitude. What an amazing villa here with stunning views. The staff are so friendly and attentive! Thank you.

M & S Griffiths - Australia, August 2019

We enjoyed our stay at this beautiful villa! Luxurious and comfortable, beautiful pool and spacious grounds. Team very friendly and attentive. Thank you very much for everything!

J. Melwani & friends - Hong Kong, August 2019

Thank you Wayan for driving us around and wowing us with your expert skills. Wati & Sri, our smiling gentle housekeepers, thank you. Nyoman, you run a great team here! Lovely villa and views. But it is the staff that made this extra jovial! - V&C Caparas Thank you everyone for your hospitality! I really enjoyed my day here! - C. Tan Thank you so much for taking good care of us during our stay here. We really had such a good time!! Will be coming back for sure! - P. Tecson Thank you very much for making our Bali vacation very memorable, relaxing and enjoyable! You really made us feel at home! - A&I Dualan

The Caparas & friends - Singapore, July 2019

The villa was absolutely fantastic, the staff were brilliant, food was excellent, views were stunning and the villa was perfect. 100% best time in Bali xxx

The Naidoos - Australia, July 2019

Thank you for the amazing view. We really enjoy this place and also great hospitality. Great!!!

W. Satria - Indonesia, June 2019

We had wedding ceremony at the villa. Great villa. Great view. Great staff. Thank you so much.

C. Sing & S. Yi (Wedding) - Malaysia, June 2019

The villa was beautiful! Wonderful experience. Staff were too friendly & kind. Would love to come back here again.

R. Birawat & friends - India, May 2019

Thank you for the great hospitality while we stayed here. We had a great time and perfect weather. The staff were great and always helpful. Highly recommended and beautiful location.

X. Wang & friends - Australia, May 2019

Dear staff, We had a wonderful 2 weeks here, celebrating Easter with our parents & kids and David celebrating his birthday with friends and family. We thank you for your hospitality and great service. Whether it was Apiro-Cocktails, afternoon coffees or washing - even ironing! - you were always helpful. The driver is also a real blessing, extremely friendly, very engaged and knowing the island inside out - thanks for your support, even at immigration! Finally our compliments to the cooks - you rock! We love good food and we really discovered yummy Balinese cuisine, but we did not have to take a break from European desserts :-)

D. Klein & Fam - Germany, May 2019

Thank you for our lovely stay at the villa over Easter. It is a beautiful area and beach. The weather was perfect for us. Sebastian enjoyed celebrating his 9th birthday here and his blue car cake.

Heather & Fam - Australia, April 2019

Terima kasih untuk Karang Kembar 3. Terima kasih Pak Nyoman, Mbak Sri, Chef Rai, Mbak Wati dan seluruh staff yang sudah membantu dan memudahkan serta mengarrange seluruh kegiatan kami selama di sini. Senang banget. Feels like home. Semoga semakin sukses.

Adityawarman - Indonesia, April 2019

Thank you very much! Our stay was terrific! The staff was very friendly and always helpful! The were smiling all the time :-) The food was also great. We had no idea that men can cook so delicious meal! You guys rock! From Russia with love :-)

E. Tkachuk - Russia, April 2019

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay these four days! You guys are amazing chefs! We enjoyed every meal especially the BBQ dinner on our last night here! Thank you for keeping it clean and tidy given it is such a huge villa. It takes a lot of effort to make the place beautiful! Thank you for our driver for driving us everywhere! He's very punctual and friendly and knows the places inside out! We will recommend this place to our friends and family!

S. Chan - Hong Kong, March 2019

Pak Nyoman & staffs in the villa, thank you so much for great hospitality during our stay at the villa. We are so grateful to find and finally stay in this villa for several days. We have the best wedding and part of it because of the support from the Villa Karang Kembar 3. We will definitely share to our friends and family about the villa.

Catherine & Zachary (Wedding) - USA, February 2019

We had great time here, especially the BBQ. Great villa! Great view! Great food! Great people!

J. Cheng - Shanghai, February 2019

We spent our family holiday at Villa 3. It was wonderful & perfect place to us. My baby swimming whole day at stairs of pool, that was very good for children. All staffs also very perfect for everything.

Kim's Family - Korea, February 2019

Thanks a lot Villa Karang Kembar 3. Service, staff at the highest level!!! Very tasteful breakfast, had very nice dinner. Nice pool and facilities. Gorgeous territorial. Definitely worth a visit!

Dubrickas Family - Ukraine, January 2019

Thanks a lot Villa Karang Kembar 3. Servicenya super bagus, super friendly, bersih. Swimming pool bersih, view bagus banget. See you in the next trip!!!

Edwin & Fam - Indonesia, January 2019

Dear Nyoman, Wayan and the team at Karang Kembar Estate 3, thank you so much for taking such great care of the Tsang and Johnson families. The villa is beautiful and peaceful, but our favourite part was all of you and the incredible meals you prepared for our families. Villa Karang Kembar is a great place to spend the holidays. Thank you for the incredible memories!

The Tsang & The Johnson Family - USA, December 2018

Thank you Villa Karang Kembar 3!!! We had a great time here... The children enjoyed swimming with a beautiful view. Excellent service!!! Friendly faces!! Beautiful time of our life. See you again in another time.

Jackson & Teresia (Wedding) - Indonesia, December 2018

Best service, fantastic view, delicious food and lovely people. Highly recommended! We will be back.

Luo - China, December 2018

Dear Karang Kembar Villa, thank you for the amazing place and service. We enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for everything.

Vidion & Fam - Indonesia, November 2018

Thank you Villa Karang Kembar! This villa is absolutely gorgeous and we loved every moment of it. We enjoyed the beautiful infinity pool overlooking the ocean - we spent so much time in the pool that we came out looking like prunes! Thank you so much to the wonderful and very attentive staff - they were able to help us with very special requests and always put on a smile when they did. Thank you for everything!! xx

Natasha & friends - Australia, November 2018

Thank you for an excellent stay in a beautiful villa. Hope to see you soon!!

C & Q Family - Hongkong / Singapore, October 2018

Thank you so much for such a great time! Beautiful villa with an amazing pool and vista. Sad to be going!!

Cattan Family - Hongkong, October 2018

We had a very sweet holiday here. Everyone is very nice to us. Thank you! Awesome!!!

Y. Lei & Fam - China, October 2018

Thank you for the hospitality from the whole team at Karang Kembar 3. A relaxing stay at such a wonderful estate. Terima kasih!

Y.K. Ham - Hong Kong, September 2018

Thank you for the amazing experience, we enjoy it a lot. It was an amazing wedding and I wish I can stay longer.

Nuri & Family - Indonesia, September 2018

Thank you for a relaxing stay and friendly service. We really enjoyed ourselves. All the best.

The El-Kheir Family - Australia, August 2018

Thank you so much for the amazing stay at the villa! The staff was amazing and everything was very clean & comfortable. Very relaxing!

R. Cook - USA, August 2018

We had a great time here. The house is clean and beautiful. Staff is very nice and helpful. Manager made us feel like at home. We are very pleased and will recommend to our friends.

Jing YZ Family - Australia, August 2018

We had a wonderful time, we had the chance to disconnect from our daily lives, enjoying every inch of our stay. The staff was extremely charming and the service impeccable, their warmness made the stay all the more welcoming. It was a pleasure for us to stay here, we would love to be back in the future.

Adrian N. - Spain, August 2018

Very nice villa & staff. Thanks for everything specially for your smiles.

Abdullah A. - Saudi Arabia, August 2018

Great villa for family group such as our family of 8 4 good size bedrooms with a beautiful outdoor area and pool. Wayan the villa driver was always available and obliging and Nyoman the Villa manager was very helpful in all we wanted. We ate in several nights and the staff cooked great meals.

Les - Australia, July 2018

This is a very great villa. A huge swimming pool and rest place. And all the rooms are comfortable and fashionable. And the stuffs there are very nice, we still remember what they made for dinner, it’s so yummy, and not expensive. Anyway we had a wonderful time there !

Berlin - Taiwan, July 2018

This was my first time in Bali and the villa has surpassed all of my expectations. It was an incredible stay. Unreal experience. You can see pictures taken in this villa by going on Instagram: @shannontsou. Thank you to all the staff to serve us these days. The villa is a nice place. We all enjoyed our holiday here! Thanks for everything. We will miss youuu....

Chen Family - Taiwan, July 2018

Thank you to all the staff for making our holiday more enjoyable. Special thanks to Nyoman and the Chefs. The villa is spacious, great for a family of seven. The sea view is beautiful. We all enjoyed our holiday!

The Carroll Family - Australia, July 2018

Thanks sooo much for a wonderful stay at your beautiful villa. We had a fantastic time and loved the place, the staff & the food. Nyoman was a great host & Wayan a very knowledgeable and competent driver.

Webb Family - Australia, July 2018

I finally got to get to have my dream wedding in the exact setting as I wanted, thanks to this gorgeous villa! This place will forever have a place in our hearts. Thanks to the staff & management. We had a lovely time here and hope to visit very soon, once again.

Hafsa & Zaid - Srilanka, June 2018

Terima kasih Villa Karang Kembar 3. Hotelnya bersih & nyaman!!! And for all the staff: You're amazing!

I Stephanus & fam - Indonesia, June 2018

Thank you to all the villa staff! A beautiful villa. With love from London. It was lovely being here! All the staff is amazing. See you soon from London.

Henry W & friends - U.K., June 2018

Tempatnya the best!! Nyantai tapi exclusive.. mau balik lagi-lagi ke sini. Great place to stay, highly recommended.

Nova & friends - Indonesia, June 2018

We loved it. Amazing villa, better service. Beautiful, never want to leave!! Thank you so much!!

Tika & friends - Singapore, April 2018

Very nice villa. Great stay here.

M. Irawan & fam - Indonesia, April 2018

Everything is great! Cleanliness, hospitality, service and most importantly the villa was awesome.

Daniel S. - Indonesia, March 2018

Love is love!

E. Huang - China, February 2018

Terima kasih seluruh staff Karang kembar 3 untuk pengalaman dan pelayanan yang baik, menakjubkan dan menyenangkan. "Kalau ada sumur di ladang, boleh kita menumpang mandi. Kalau ada umur panjang, boleh kita menginap lagi"

Vandy S. & Family - Indonesia, February 2018

The one that we never forget

Pedro - Indonesia, February 2018

Dear Karang Kembar, Thank you for your wonderful service. We truly appreciate the delicious meals and warm welcome. We will be back!

Edward, Stacey, Anne & Nicholas - USA, January 2018

Dear Villa Karang Kembar 3, Thanks for having us here. The stay was amazing. The service was indeed excellent. Would love to come back here again! Thank you for hosting us.

C. Tan & family - Singapore, November 2017

Dear Karang Kembar staff, This is a perfect location. Great time here. Excellent staff. No request is too much for them. All the best.

P. Kumar & friends - Malaysia, November 2017

I have a wonderful wedding at KK3 even though there is an incident & misunderstanding (with the Wedding Organizer), we can solve the problem. You have a wonderful staff and a good leader, Mr. Nyoman. I surely will reccomend this villa for other couples who want to get married in Bali.

Maya K. - Indonesia, October 2017

To the wonderful staff at Karang Kembar 3, Terima kasih for making our stay so relaxing. We have enjoyed every moment and we thank you for all of your hard work. Our wedding dinner was enak sekali. We have made many happy memories here and we will miss you all xoxoxo Sampai nanti!

Love from Mona, Fatik, Michael x2, Steph, Adam, Tuukeen & June - Australia, October 2017

You’re in heaven on earth.

RIco & friends - Indonesia, October 2017

“A year on and I still dream of this place” - I stayed here last year with my parents due to is location being in the same estate as my cousins wedding 2 doors down. It was perfect the images truly depict what you see and staff and so friendly! I only wished we stayed here longer! The private villa was spacious and the rooms were kept cool with air conditioning. If your after true relaxation make sure you stop on the way from the airport for snacks and you truly could stay here entirely for the duration of your stay. The staff cook the most amazing food so authentic and fresh!! The villa is located in an estate however is private. I never saw or heard anyone else while in the villa and that included the staff!! They were amazing. I am literally dreaming of my next Bali holiday and hope to come back here!! I can't believe it has almost been a year! Across the way there is a temple of some sort where people come and go and there is that constant jingle jangle for worship music which really gives you that authentic experience.

TripAdvisor - , September 2017

It's been a very lovely holiday for us. Your villa is beautiful, and our trip is too short. Your staff is very helpful and friendly... Thank you.

Badrul, Elly, Khairul, Ichwan & whole family - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2017

Thanks for everything. The staff are great. The view is great. The facilities are good. We enjoy our stay.

Stance & Ary (wedding) - Indonesia, September 2017

Dear Ce Vivien and staff Karang Kembar 3, Terima kasih untuk semuanya. Mungkin ucapan terima kasih tidak akan cukup untuk mengungkapkan semua perasaan saya selama tinggal di sini. Everything in here is awesome and our wedding is beyond perfect. Thank you so much.

Rony & Yunita - Indonesia, August 2017

Dear staff and owner of Villa KK3, Thank you for a lovely stay. We have enjoyed our time here and specially the friendly service of the staff. The construction site opposite was a nuisance, but the staff did everything they could to make us comfortable. We went on several great road trips with Wayan. Thanks a lot. Best regards.

Vizard Family - Singapore, August 2017

“Luxury Plus” - Our wish was a restful holiday with plenty of room for family and friends. We received so much more. The villa is beautiful appointed with great size rooms. Everyone having an ensuite - pure luxury. Beds so comfortable for truly rejuvenating sleep. The large lawn gave way to morning exercise and yoga sessions. The pool accommodated everyone with plenty of space to spread out around and be in our out of the sun. Having a chef, housekeeper, house manager and driver was incredible and they could not have been more accomodating. Wyan the driver knew every place we wanted to go, was so patient when I am sure the traffic must have driven him insane and he must of wondered why we wanted to go sit in it!. For meals we tried to stick to Indonesian food and it was a winner, amazing flavours and so healthy however Ray did make a killer apple crumble that was a hit with everyone. This truly is a luxury Villa that gave us an amazing 2 weeks of rest and relaxation. It should be mentioned that there is construction going on around the area which will be incredible when finished but some days was a little distracting depending on if the wind was blowing in a certain direction. (Nothing a bit of music didn't drown out though!)

TripAdvisor - , July 2017

Thank you soooo much! We had a very nice stay here!

Wang Jiang & friends - China, June 2017

Dear KK3, You guys have been great & most accommodating! We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

Family of Shee - Singapore, June 2017

Thank you for the amazing stay. We had a blast! Thank you so much for the great accommodation, and we had a great time, and the view is great and we loved everything, Thanks to all the friendly staff. We look forward to coming back here again. The food was delicious, soooooo yummy!

Love, Kotoko & friends - Malaysia, June 2017

Dear Karang Kembar 3 staff / team, Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday! We have had a relaxing holiday, enjoying every minute :) The staff have been amazing at accommodating our extra guests coming in and out and everything else. Superb food everyday with extra friendly and helpful staff always smiling. We recommend the apple crumble!

Morley Family - New Zealand, June 2017

Thank you so much to have been a part of our wedding. The villa, the view and the food were amazing and the staff were very nice and friendly. We enjoyed our stay and the wedding day was like in our dreams. We hope to see you again.

Marion & Kevin - , May 2017

“Luxurious villa perfect for couples” - Lovely spacious villa on the cliff top above pandawa beach. At northernmost end of the karang kembar estate. Large t-shaped infinity pool at just the right temperature. Large bedrooms with comfortable beds and great ensuite showers. Plenty of storage and nice bright balconies. Comfortably housed our group of 5 adults and 5 kids (aged 10, 8, 6, 6, 3) using two extra (proper) beds. You can choose where to put them. Extensive DVD collection too. We were there from Australia for a family wedding in the nearby villa latitude, and this villa is just a short 3 min walk away. Staff were friendly, discrete, had good English and were very helpful. Nyoman was our on site go-to man and was very efficient in all aspects of the villa. Chef produced great food, particularly the curries and rendang at reasonable cost. We spent about $500 AUD extra for 4 lunches, three dinners, a little extra fuel and some beach entry fees. Chauffeur (Wayan) was also excellent and even played soccer with the children. Vivien was the perfect host; easy to contact, accommodating to our requests and had everything under control. This all made for a very relaxing stay. Only constructive feedback is that the upstairs master bedroom could use some more window blinds, particularly as it gets the morning sun. Makes sleep ins beyond sunrise difficult. Overall, it's a great place to stay. Great for families but probably better for couples (4) as it's designed for relaxation and helps reduce the cost.

TripAdvisor - , April 2017

To the Karang Kembar Team, Thank you for looking after the Lim family for the last week. You guys have helped making our trip very enjoyable!

D.S. Lim - Singapore, December 2016

Dear staff at Karang Kembar #3, thank you for a lovely stay. Thank you for having us and looking after us for our family wedding down at Latitude. We will miss you all and the view. Such a beautiful villa and nice weather. This has been a trip to remember, so peaceful & amazing. Thanks again.

Raewyn, Colin & Ainslee - New Zealand, October 2016

To the Karang Kembar team, we had a wonderful time in this villa. The staff took care of our wishes and needs and made our stay very comfortable. We enjoyed staying with you and will always remember the good time we had here. Thanks for everything!

Etty, Richard, family & friends - , October 2016

Dear Karang Kembar 3 staff, you are wonderful! Thank you so very much for all of your attention to detail, your willingness to accommodate plans and changes in plans, and everything in between. A dream, to stay with you.

Elise & Brendan - USA, September 2016

We're so grateful for everything! A magical time visiting for our friends' wedding at Villa Latitude - so convenient. A beautiful space, and delightful, attentive staff - thanks again!

Kelly and Sean Safreed - USA, September 2016

We were here for a wedding over the weekend and it was a very stressful day but staying at Karang Kembar 3 made the occasion much less stressful. Thank you to all the attentive staff whom were always on hand to look after us, even when we didn't ask for it.

Cathy & family - , September 2016

We had a wonderful and magical time at Karang Kembar 3. The staff were very attentive and kind. Both my wife and I will be highly recommending this place. Keep up the great work and look forward to staying here again.

Mike & Gita - , August 2016

“Awesome villa for wedding venue!” - We stayed at Karang Kembar 3 for my sister wedding. Right from the start Vivien, the owner, was quick and helpful with her responses. She was very thoughtful and understanding to accommodate some of our demanding requests. The follow-up from her operation team was always courteous and helpful too. From the first site visit arrangement assisted by Nyoman until the final arrangement and the execution that was handled by a different manager, Nanik – all was well arranged. The pick-up arrangement by the driver, Wayan, was well coordinated. All of the other staff, Wati - Sri - and the trio Wayan, at the Villa were just amazing! Nanik, the manager couldn’t do enough to make sure we were comfortable, well-served and would tend to many of our last minute requests. Especially during the wedding day, Nanik even took an extra mile to make sure that all the preparation and the collaboration with the wedding organizer went smooth and in time. We also truly appreciated the effort that the villa management took to get the permission with the construction next door to reduce the noise trough-out the wedding procession. I’ve stayed at several villas in Bali – however, this villa is the most comfortable and accessible for wheelchair. The connection for the first floor to second floor is designed with ramp instead of stairs. Making it easy for my mom and grandma to move around without having to ask for any help. The villa has a fantastic designed with plenty of natural light and very spacious dining area, living room and family room. There’s also an outdoor dining area where we had our relaxing breakfast by the pool almost every day. Every room comes with attached big bathroom and spacious wardrobe. One amazing thing about this villa is that it's mosquito free! I totally didn’t open any of the mosquito repellent that I brought. There’s also a cabinet full of board games, trivia, poker and many more to keep you entertained all night. The only downside of this villa is the unsteady water supply for all bathrooms. We had to take turn to take shower otherwise there’s not enough pressure to push water to the shower pipes, especially to the 3 bathrooms located on 2nd floor. Overall, we had a spectacular stay at Karang Kembar 3! Three nights was not enough. Thanks again for the villa team for making our special wedding stay so unforgettable. Response from the owner Thank you for your kind review and input. I and all the staff at the Villa were very happy to contribute what we could to make your sister's wedding memorable. Regarding the water issue, we have since discovered that the tank that maintains water pressure when the supply from the government mains supply runs low was leaking. We have now installed a new pressure tank and the water supply is back to normal. When complete, the Waldorf Astoria project on the opposite headland will undoubtedly add to the sophistication and attractiveness of our area, and while construction continues, most to the rock cutting and ground clearing was completed last year. All villas around this part of the Bukit remain open and continue to welcome guests to their home's away from home.

TripAdvisor - , June 2016

“Nice and quiet villa ^.^” - Excellent place for relaxing,friendly staffs,fantastic room and very peaceful environment for us to escape from stress. Loved the pool area and we can had breakfast with nice view. It is the best villa we ever stay,will come back again.

TripAdvisor - , June 2016

Dear Vivien, we just want to say THANK YOU for the amazing & beautiful place with a million dollar view, to make our wedding dream come true. We really enjoy staying here, you have great staffs who are taking care of us throughout our stay, We wish all the best in everything. Hoping we will come back for another stay in this beautiful place for our next holiday. God bless you.

Febrio & Junieth Take - , June 2016

Thanks for a great stay!! We all had a great time and truly enjoyed our holiday! We would love to come back, and wish you and the staff every success for the future! I hope the new construction treats you all well! Best regards.

Liz, Derek, Jeremy, Candice, Baby Emma & Adrian - , March 2016

Thank you for a wonderful stay! Property and view were amazing. Staff were so wonderful and food was beautiful. Thank you again! We very much enjoyed the time here. A perfect spot for our honeymoon.

Sophie & Ben - Australia, February 2016

Dear Karang Kembar 3 Villa Team, Had a wonderful memory here with great staff, amazing service and Pak Nyoman was being very helpful. Would recommend this for family stay, especially for wedding or family gathering events. Thank you for everything!!

Surya & Intan - Indonesia, May 2015

“A luxurious haven with great view, and ample space for group and private chill outs” - Highlights of this fabulous place: Beautiful infinity pool overlooking the ocean, sumptuous meals prepared by the professional, gentle, and ever-smiling staff (barbeque dinner was out of this world! Who knew you could make BBQ squid that buttery and BBQ crabs that sweet and juicy!), rooms and bathrooms were HUGE and tastefully decorated. The ramp leading up to the rooms was cool and a clever touch which also made it easier to haul our bags into our rooms:) We were very well taken care of during our stay at the villa, the staff were very attentive yet made sure they gave us our space and privacy. We did not leave the villa once during our 3 day 2 night stay, even though there was a spacious minivan with driver ready on site should we want to head out to town. It was such a treat to stay at this villa, highly recommend it for group of friends or family!

TripAdvisor - , January 2015

Nyoman & Team - Fantastic Villa and great hospitality. You really know how to make a family feel at home. Thank you for your friendly smiles and good friendship. We had a great Christmas!!

The Trethewey Family - , December 2014

The staff team is great! Nyoman has done an excellent job taking care of us during our stay! The wedding was spectacular and we couldn't have asked for more! Thanks and for sure we'll love to come back for our next visit to this beautiful island of Bali!!!

Vivian & Shawn - Canada, November 2014

THANK YOU! We had a wedding party here and everyone was so amazed and happy about this villa. Thank you and see you again!

Minako & Masaki - , October 2014

9.6/10 I would recommend KK3 to families who are looking to enjoy a quiet by rejuvenating holiday, or couples looking to hold their wedding in Bali. The villa is beautiful - modern but maintains a touch of Balinese. The rooms were spacious and very well-maintained. The bath tubs were HUGE and that's a plus point! The view was fantastic - in fact, I held my wedding there and my guests LOVED IT. They were very impressed by the villa. The pool is very well-maintained and the water was never cold - so we swam throughout the day until night. The KK team was helpful and friendly. The food cooked was minimally average, with some dishes pretty good. The only downside is the accessibility as it is far from central areas. Good thing the vila comes with a reliable driver. Overall, my family really enjoyed their stay there and have no doubts about coming back here again. My wedding guests were blown away.

Lin Tan (taken from VB) - Singapore, September 2014

10/10 Thank you very much for a wonderful stay! A beautiful villa with a wonderful staff. Everything was perfect. See you soon again!

C. Costes (taken from VB) - France, August 2014

Thank you!! We had a fantastic time and cannot wait to return!!

Zach & Meganne - , August 2014

Thank you for a lovely time. It’s been amazing! We’ll be back!

E. Kottman - , August 2014

Thank you very much for a wonderful stay! A beautiful villa with wonderful staff. Everything was perfect. See you soon again!

Bruno, Cedric & Arthur - France, August 2014

Amazing villa!! Fantastic views, extremely tranquil, very friendly and attentive staff. Wonderful time was had by all.

Conroy Family - Australia, August 2014

What a fantastic place. Great facilities, great people, great views!! Thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

Rosie & Charlie - , August 2014

8.8/10 I have to thank Pak Nyoman for our wonderful stay at KK3. We stayed there for 3 days and had our wedding at the villa. Though its a pity we do not have full frontal ocean view for the wedding; its partial sea view with a cliff facing the villa. However the sunset that reflected on the cliff created a beautiful golden cliff in the backdrop. Do be aware that sometimes there are motorbikers who rides up the cliff and you may hear them. The villa was beautiful, love the fact we get massages anytime in the day. The staff cooks a decent meal, just let them know what you want and they will take a ride to town to get grocery for you. Their indonesian cuisine is really good, western food is a hit and miss but i'm glad they are open to me teaching them how to cook certain dishes. (I'm a fussy chef) Be sure to have cash on you at all times. Hopefully the villa will invest in a juicer on our next visit so we can have fresh juice daily. You can take a short ride down too the Indian Ocean beach if you need to take dip in the turquoise water. Para gliding is also available nearby. Overall, its a gorgeous villa, Pak Nyoman and the housekeeping staff has gone above and beyond to ensure that we had a wonderful and comfortable stay. As well as helping out with the chaotic logistics during the wedding. Thank you and we will certainly come back again.

L. Lim (taken from VB) - Singapore, June 2014

We feel blessed for the opportunity to have our wedding reception here at Karang Kambar. Our stay at this stunning villa by the beautiful sea with excellent staff and service couldn't be better. We would like to thank all the staff especially the manager, Nyoman, who made our stay perfect in every single aspect! Thanks and see you again!

Mizuki and Mikiya Shibatsuji - Japan, June 2014

We are all sad to leave after having such wonderful time. Thank you for the great service and food. Looking forward to returning in the future.

John, Lisa, Nick, Fiona,Luke, Polina, Callum and Laourn - Australia, June 2014

Thank you for providing such a lovely and wonderful service. Food was great and thank you for your patience dealing with my crazy friends and crazy party. This Villa has provided a wonderful venue for our wedding. We are truly sad to go and hope to be back real soon.

Lily & Bren Khor - Singapore, June 2014

Thank you for your wonderful service! We enjoyed a lot, it is really a fantastic place for family vacation! Kindly reminder: don't swim when the sun is very strong cause you may get sunburn! Thanks! WE love you!

J.I. Chao, Saumi & family - , May 2014

10/10 We stayed at the villa for 4 nights in april. The villa was more than able to accommodate our group of 2 families, including adult children totalling 8 people. Every element of the service provided by Nyoman and his staff was impeccable - from the fast track service upon arrival at the airport, to the welcome we received at the villa including the wonderful light supper and drinks served to us despite the late hour. We had so much space, inside and out, all so luxurious and beautifully appointed with traditional Balinese artefacts. The views from every room and outdoor area were simply breathtaking. We certainly made the most of all the services the villa had to offer - wonderful meals cooked for us daily, laundry, massages and the car and driver. Nothing was too much trouble. We were so well looked after we only wish we had planned to stay longer! The location is beautifully remote - great if you are looking for absolutely peace and quiet (all we could hear were the waves in the distance). This suited us perfectly, plus the car and driver are available to take guests to anywhere they choose. All in all, a perfect stay and one we certainly hope to repeat one day!

Susan (taken from VB) - Australia, April 2014

Thank you for giving us a splendid trip. I would really like to thank the workers here for helping us and delicious meal. I loved the view of the mountain and greenery. It wouldn't have been a great time without the driver bringing us to our some places. This very comfortable. I would love to stay here a few more days. The pool was very nice and cooling when we wanted and warm when we liked. The pool was perfect. (Bali was awesome - Anoek)

The family of Melissa, Angie & Vicky - Malaysia, April 2014

Thank you for your warm welcome and good service!! And we are not gonna forget the grilled lobster and local food you prepared for us. We had a great time and unforgettable memories. We really appreciated your kind service, some time we bothered you, but you gave us a smiley face and kind speaking. We will never forget your excellent service.

William Shin & friends - Korea, April 2014

Thank you so much for such a beautiful stay at your villa. The most incredible villa with astounding views. The staff at the villa were beyond accommodating and each and everyone of us will never forget it. Nyoman was amazing to us and made our stay amazing. We will be telling all our family and friends about our stay.

Greg Howe, Mrs. Susan Comerford & families - Australia, April 2014

Amazing house, beautiful setting, wonderful staff, perfect place for family vacation!! Thank you very much for many memories made!

The Sargeants - Malaysia, March 2014

Choosing this venue for our wedding in Bali was the best decision we've ever made. Not only were the facilities amazing, but the staff were wonderful. We will for sure be recommending this venue to our friends back home. Thank you Pak Nyoman & staff for everything. We will be back!!

Rachel, Kang Siew, Tuon Siew, Daniel & Becky - Brunei Darussalam, March 2014

8.8/10 The Karang Kembar 3 is a great property with fantastic view, supported by a dedicated staff. The infinity pool is my favourite. Great sunrise views and spacious enough to find your own spot to relax. But the best thing I think are the staff. The cooks, who basically can tailor your menu are helpful and nice. Don't worry about getting out to see the rest of Bali. The driver will take you out to any sightseeing you want. And you can also just relax in the pandawan beach nearby.

Chang (taken from VB) - Hong Kong, January 2014

We had a great vacation here! The villa totally exceeds our expectations. We feel a little regretted that we only booked 3 nights here. Everyone is already talking about coming back here next year. Villa Manager and staff members are very helpful. They are made our vacation close to perfect. As a return I just informed my friend to come here next month for their vacation.

Yingchan and her family & friends - Hong Kong, January 2014

Very good facilities and good service. We all enjoyed the stay. Excellent cooking. Thank you

The Cai Family - Hong Kong, January 2014

Our family had a beautiful stay at this Villa. Fantastic pool and view! Very comfortable Villa and rooms. Terrific day trips. Hope to visit one day again in future. Thank you to all the very kind staff who cooked us such nice foods and were so helpful. Thank for finding our missing ball.

The Tully Family - Australia, December 2013

Terima kasih atas kebersamaan kita selama ini. Kami mendapatkan holiday yang sangat menyenangkan. Dan Villa memberikan pelayanan yang memuaskan. See you soon.

Chandra & Sally - Indonesia, November 2013

Dear Mr. Nyoman & all Karang Kembar 3 Team. We all had a wonderful wedding party. Everybody enjoyed it. The night was beautiful, the big moon was out and great to look out. The view was spectacular. We all family and guests were very impressed by this villa. Special thanks for everyone who were very friendly and helpful.

Rendhy & Thami - Indonesia, November 2013

Dear all staff of Karang Kembar 3, thank you for your cooperation and being so helpful. Thank God for your blessing that we had a very beautiful wedding at Karang Kembar 3. Great weather, beautiful view and lovely villa (thanks to Ibu Vivien and Pak Nyoman). Hope we will meet again with you all in the most memorable place for us (wedding on November 22, 2013). Many things that we can't write here. Many thanks all. God, You are so good. God bless you all.

Merry & Firman - Indonesia, November 2013

This Villa is really out of my expectation. The view is stunning, day and night. The infinity edge pool is fantastic. The living room is spacious and nicely decorated. I personally like the ramp going up to the bed rooms. The other highlight of the villa is the service, all the helpers are very friendly, patient and sweet. They made our stay very relaxed and satisfied. All in all I will give 5 stars to the hardware and software of this Villa.

Andrew - Hong Kong, November 2013

Thank you to all staff. We had a wonderful family holiday. All staff, we would love to thank everyone and for doing everything.

Nicholas Perrett - Australia, October 2013

Thank you to all the staff at Villa Karang Kembar 3. We have loved our stay and could not have asked for a more beautiful setting to spend a week! We appreciated all that you did for our whole family. Thank you once again (Terima Kasih)

Caz, Ted, Thomas, Matilda, Oliver - Australia, October 2013

Thank you to all the staff at Karang Kembar for making our stay such a pleasure! Warm welcome, great service, beautiful food and incredible surroundings. We have loved our stay and will be back some time in the near future xx

Jesse & Trevor King - Australia, October 2013

Thank you and the team for the help. We had a fantastic holiday at your villa. We will keep in touch and see you in the near future.

Michael & Tracy - China, September 2013

I really appreciate for your warm welcome, kindness, perfect service and delicious food here in this villa. And this trip was absolutely the best trip in my life. All of my family members were impressed of this villa. And we will be back again.

Ellie & The Jeon family - , August 2013

All staff at Villa Karang Kembar 3, especially Nyoman, thank you for making our stay in Bali a good experience. All my friend and family members appreciate the excellent service provided by you and staff. Terima kasih.

Peter family, D. Choo & L.M. Rita, D. Lam - Singapore, August 2013

That was a really nice vacation in Villa 3. Our family all enjoyed here - wonderful place, friendly staff... tasty food. We took a lot of picture and share with friends online. I guess some of them will come here for vacation in the future! And again, thanks for you all. We love this place!

Fei and Feis Family - China, July 2013

Andre & Ayako's wedding - Blessing from family and friend. Thank you for a wonderful experience. We will never forget - amazing scene, great food. Can't wait to comeback here soon already.

Andre & Ayako - , July 2013

Wonderfully relaxing 3 days at Karang Kembar 3. Thanks for helping us to refresh. Terima kasih. All the best.

Oliver & Tomoko - , June 2013

Thank you very much for a beautiful week here at Karang Kembar. Me and my family had a joyful week with very good food, amazing view and relaxing atmosphere. The kids had many epic surf sessions at 'secret spot', Uluwatu and Balangan. We also had a great party with Norwegian food for the Norwegian students here at Bali organized by my Dad. My Mom loved the pool, she even fell asleep hanging over the "never-ending" edge. We hope to come back again.

Ine, Marita, Ole, Bente & Ove - Norway, March 2013

Thank you very much for an amazing stay at this lovely beautiful Villa. The staff were wonderful and the views were amazing.

The Lockharts - Hong Kong, March 2013

Incredibly beautiful view with wonderful house staff! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and the staff attended to our every need. This place is a great gateway for the family! We will definitely be back! Waking up with the sun, falling a sleep with the stars, and swimming under the moonlight. This is the life!

Wang Family - Taiwan, February 2013

A brilliant experience for all 9 of us from Australia. Would love to repeat this moment again and again. Thank you for making our special day so wonderful. I can not imagine anything better. Thank you again.

Murray, Kathryn & 7 others - Australia, December 2012

One of the most beautiful villas we have stay in Bali. Wonderful staff who tender to everything we needed, including baby food! The BBQ last night was fantastic!! Thank you.

Paul & Eileen Family - Singapore, December 2012

We are so in love with this villa at first sight, so peaceful and has an amazing view. We all the family receive a very good service during our stay. Thank you very much to all the staff: Pak Nyoman, Pak Wayan, Mas Artha, Mas Rai, Mba Wati, Mba Kadek, and Mba Sri. We hopefully to come back again. The kids really enjoy swimming also we love the scent of the bath gel, it is very unique. Love-love-love! To Ibu Vivien: Thanks! We love your beautiful villa.

C.B. Budi Susanto & Fam - Indonesia, December 2012

Thank you for warm welcome! We had a wonderful time in this superb house. The view and the pool were amazing. Thank you for taking such a good care of us all! Also the food was really delicious, we loved to discover new recipes and new taster. We will take a part of Bali with us back in Paris. Thank you.

The Backer Family, Audery, Aliix, Thimothee & Michel - France, December 2012

From the moment we set foot into Karang Kembar 3, we felt at home, and what a lovely sense of home! The house, pool, furniture, ground are so well conceived. Our compliments to all your excellent planning. Your staff certainly helped contribute to feeling warmly welcome and cared for. As a surfer I have loved the location, and looking out from your lovely pool. We enjoyed the pool more than anywhere we have been. Our sincere thanks. Hope to visit again some time.

Barbara & Jon Greiner - USA, December 2012

Awesome and amazing place! Love this place and staff are great. Hope to come back again!

Irene and Rad - Australia, November 2012

Nyoman & staff, thank you for a wonderful stay! Excellent food, very clean, extremely friendly! Beautiful facility. Suggestion consider accepting credit card or at least installing ATM facility. Thank you again and see you next time.

Chris & Sandy - USA, October 2012

Once again a very big thank you to our wonderful friends at Karang Kembar. Look forward to seeing you next year! Love always.(I love this place and thank you for the pool and thanks for taking us to places and thank you for having us – Leonardo)

Effie, Savras, Tamas, Joanne, Leonardo, Zoe, Oszkar and Phoebe - , October 2012

Excellent service, second to none! Fantastic view, breathtaking sceneries! Experience is beyond expectation! Will definitely be back!

Mohd. Munir, Sakaila, Mohd. Iman, Salmah Shariff, Amir Rizan, Norjanah & Irfan - Singapore, October 2012

Dear Nyoman & Staffs at Karang Kembar 3 Villa, a big thank you for the service and hospitality rendered for the past 3 days of stay at your wonderful Villa with the great view, great food. Will definitely come back for holidays in the future. THANK YOU.

Ridan & Family - , October 2012

Amazing accommodation, amazing view and staff. Thanks for a great holiday.

Ali & Ben - Australia, October 2012

Cracker place, we had a great stay and will be back.

Craig & Cindy - Australia, October 2012

Amazing!! We had the best stay. Thank you for the awesome service. We will be back. Thank you for the amazing holiday.

Erin & Robo - Australia, October 2012

Thank you for an amazing stay at your villa. Amazing food and service. Thank you!! We will be back

Dave & Katie (and Baby Scarlett ) - Australia, October 2012

Thank you for everything. We had a great time here and food was great.

Catrina - Singapore, September 2012

Dear Nyoman & Villa staff, thank you all for a wonderful stay. We look forward to being back here next year.

Ian, Avril & friends - Singapore, September 2012

Dear Nyoman and Villa staff, thank you for a delightful stay. The Villa is absolutely beautiful, and yourself and your staff couldn't have been more helpful and attentive! We look forward to returning for a longer stay next time. It is very hard to leave! All the best and thank you again.

Chris, Rebecca & friends - Singapore, September 2012

Dear Karang Kembar No.3 Team, thank you very much for looking after us. We had a great stay. Hope to come back soon. Hi Villa 3, thank you so much. We had a wonderful time!!! We will definitely be back, hopefully very soon. Thanks again.

Sauer & friends - Hong Kong, September 2012

Lovely home and love the staff and care. Thank you all so much.

Stuart, Claire and family - Malaysia, August 2012

Dear Nyoman, Wayan and all staff, thank you so much for looking after us. This past week it has been wonderful. Our boys will really miss this pancake at breakfast. All the best to you all. Thank again.

Trish, Jono, Liam and Connor - Australia, July 2012

Dear Nyoman and the other wonderful staff. Your villa is absolutely gorgeous and it is going to be difficult to leave and return to our lives in the city, We enjoyed making a house here and seeing Bali from here. The comfort, luxury and care you offer is better than the hotels. Thank you for taking such good care of all of us, and especially our grandfather. Best wishes ahead and much love.

Aaraadhana and Neeladh - , June 2012

Dear Nyoman and staff, we had a wonderful time @ Karang Kembar 3 Villa. Everything was attentive from all your staff. The child love the place, as much as us adult. We really enjoy our stay here and we will be back on our next trip to Bali. Our the best and we will see you real soon !!!!

Yvonne, Comie, Monica, Chew, Mr. and Mrs. Phui, Ren and Renyi - Australia, June 2012

Dear Mr. Nyoman, is an absolute delight and he manages a team of amazing professionals. Thank you all for a wonderful stay.

The Craigs, The Pools and The Quinn - Australia, May 2012

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality in looking after us for the past week. What an amazing house this is! The view, the pool, the food and the friendship made this is a very memorable holiday. We look forward to visiting Bali and all of you very very soon.

The Singh and A. Gould - , March 2012

It was a great vacation. The staff was great. We all had a very good time. We plan to come again.

Ammar Al-Ali - , February 2012

We have loved every relaxing minute of our time in your villa. Amazing food and friendly staff. Thank you and we hope to see you again soon.

Lucy, Marcus and Liam; Millie and Marcus Tipping; Sam and Davida Wicks; Charlie and Carrie Robert - Australia, February 2012

We have had a wonderful holiday. Stunning villa in a stunning location. Thank you to Nyoman and staff for making everything so easy for us.

Nadia ElHadery - , December 2011

What can I say? There are no words. We had the most fabulous time. From the time we arrived – smiling staff, fantastic view and ambience. All the details were considered. We ate too much because the food was so good! Yoga every morning at the villa or by the ocean – superb! We felt completely relaxed with every need catered for. To top it all off the weather was perfect! Thank you for making such a wonderful space for us to escape. We will be back!

Leanne, Robert, Georgina & Damian Jarrett - , October 2011

We really have had the most perfect week. A family get together from all corner of the world and we could not have wanted for a more perfect spot. From yoga by the beach to horse-riding on the sand and in a river, we have done it all. We have spent so much time in the pool enjoying lots of fun time with the children. Nothing was too much trouble for the staff who were exceptional, as was the food – truly delicious. Many thanks for making such a special holiday.

Emma & Craig Winwick - United Kingdom, October 2011

All the staff here are very nice. The dishes you cook are very great. W all had a very fill lunch and dinner here. We had seen a wonderful sunrise on the bed. Excellent. My family haven’t tried swimming together before. Here gave us this chance to play and swim together. Very relax. Besides, we had taken a lot of beautiful photos. All the things are memorable. Thanks God provide a wonderful weather and thanks all of your good services.

The Fan & Wong Family - , October 2011

The vote for Karang Kembar 3 is “Totally Awesome!!” We began our stay in Bali with the chaos, hussle and bussle of Seminyak. It certainly was lots of fun and entertaining, but our holiday really did begin when we arrived here at KK3! What an absolutely beautiful, inspiring, tranquil, stunning luxurious place. All staff totally gorgeous and made our stay here so fantastic, that it is really difficult to realize our holiday here is now over! We would all love to return someday soon! Thank you so much. P.S.: A special thank you to Nyoman, Sari, Wati, Arta, Made and Kiung for being so patient with our two trips to Jenggala. All the best and all our thanks for ever!!!

Howard, Joy, GG, Lolly P, Lynton, Janette, Otteo & Rafael - , October 2011

A very big thank you to all the staff at Karang Kembar 3. We have had a wonderful stay and you were all big part of this. The food was delicious and your hospitality first rate. Looking forward to visiting your lovely island again.

Tamas Jo & family, Savvas Effie & family - , October 2011

All the wonderful staff of Karang Kembar 3. You were all fantastic! This was one of the best family holiday we have had. The villa was so well maintained but what made it the best was the hospitality. The food served here was the best even compared the better restaurants out these. Massage service was an added luxury. We will definitely be back again. Thank you all.

Woo & Wong family - , September 2011

Thank you for your hospitality and great service. You guys really made this already beautiful villa ever more special. The views are magnificent and the room are so tastefully furnished, it was a slice of paradise. Thank you for making our family gathering, 68th birthday party, really special for us. You have played significant in helping us.

Kuik Xiao - , August 2011

Thank you very much for the hospitality you extended to us during our stay at Karang Kembar 3. The villa is really wonderful and the little fine things complete to make it a place of peace and give us an idea of paradise. The villa is more than a dream. It is very clean and you feel like you are at home! We will tell our friends and family, that even if it is a long flight they must see Karang Kembar 3. A big thank you to all of the staff, Pak Nyoman, Pak Wayan, Ibu Sari, Mbak Wati, you all are excellent. Looking forward to our next holiday in here.

Joe, Andi and Emily Sompel - , August 2011

A wonderful family stay with Nyoman and the team making us feel very welcome and like part of big family. Beautiful views, attentive and helpful people and they were great with the two kids under three.

Rochelle, Stuart, Chloe, Luke, Dick, Gail and Chatrine - , August 2011

Thank you very big. Thank you for a wonderful stay! You have all taken the best care of us and we love this beautifullly situated villa. The kids absolutely loved playing in the wave at Kuta and Dreamland. The sunset dance at Uluwatu was amazing.

Yiva, Kalle, Anna, Klas, Alwxis, Lucas, Felix, and Axel - , July 2011

How could we describe such a wonderful experience. Bali, the island, the people, the place, the Villa, the food.... Everything was amazing ! Thank you Nyoman and the staff for making our stay a perfect holiday !

Chiorean Anamaria - , June 2011

So sad the stay is over, what a beautiful villa in a wonderful setting. Staff have been absolutely wonderful! My husband very impressed with Riedel wine glasses and the day bed is very relaxing. We hope to be able to come again with our five children to experience this beautiful place and culture.

Matthew & Catherine Lloyd - , March 2011

What a perfect honeymoon and birthday. Our stay has been superb – beyond our expectations. Staff, service and food nothing but first class. We have been blessed the last 5 days. Thank you all again!! Look forward to returning very soon.

Paul & Veronica - , March 2011

This place with its staff, will always remain a special place, and for us a place to come back to celebrate a special occasion. It was a very emotional, important, nice place to me. Thank you for the warm attention of all the team.

Daniel and Nicolas - , February 2011

Thank you for a wonderful stay. So relaxing and most enjoyable! Well done Nyoman!

Wendy, Derek, Natalie, Kyle Donovan & Dorothea - Australia, January 2011

Great view and magical ambience. Superb holiday!! Sad to leave this place. We’re having so much fun with the staff also. They’re all very nice, friendly and helpful. Looking forward to come back here soon. Thumbs up for Pak Nyoman, Bu Sari, Bu Wati, Pak Artha and Pak Sara.

Harry, Kennieta & Brandon - , December 2010

Great stay here. Beautiful views and very kind and professional staff.

Moge Family - France-Singapore, October 2010

Thank you to all the staff at Karang Kembar 3, you have looked after us so beautifully with your warmth and gentleness. We love staying here and will come back.

Jo, John, Sam, Chris & Bianca - , September 2010

I never thought having my honeymoon with family along would be so exciting. The staff did such a wonderful job of accommodating the seven of us. The service and views were enough to keep me at the villa my entire stay. Already looking forward to another stay in the future.

Shayn & Shinya Fuller - , July 2010

We had a wonderful stay. The staff were truly outstanding. The house enabled us to share lots of special times in the wonderful surroundings. The house is elegant and spacious – places to retreat in. Thank you for making our stay so special. I wish I could take the waterfall shower home with me.

Anthony Cormack - Australia, July 2010

If there is a place called paradise – this is it! Gorgeous scenery, fantastic service, wonderful home.

Edwin Chua - Singapore, June 2010

A holiday to remember – lovely grounds, gorgeous views of an ocean, fabulous food – but most of all what made this trip stood out than all previous holidays was an exceptional and genuine hospitality shown by Nyoman, Sara and Sari to us. We were truly spoilt rotten. 5 days zoomed by and we are all so sad to go home. Thank you for showing us a genuine warmth of a Balinese people.

Hwee Chin - , May 2010

We really enjoyed our stay in beautiful Karang Kembar 3! The staff was so attentive, the food was wonderful and the view spectacular. We are already thinking about returning next year. Thank you Nyoman, Sari, Sara & Wati.

Steve Daniels & family - , March 2010

Fabulous food, views and the most amazing team of staff. Thanks for making our holiday enjoying and relaxing.

Rebecca & Peter Waud - , March 2010

Thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful estate and celebrate our New Year's Eve here. Everything was absolutely gorgeous and the staff were all amazing. We're so happy to return to Villa Karang Kembar 3 and would definitely come back here when we all come to Uluwatu again. Success always to you and your Villa team, we really appreciate it! Much love from Jakarta & Melbourne.

Hana & friends - Jakarta & Melbourne, January 2004

Catherine & Zachary - , January


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